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Nakie Bugnet and Rain Tarp

Rain Tarp & Bug Net

The perfect accessories for a Nakie hammock. Keep dry and stay bug free with our bug net and tarps.
  • Bug Net - Nakie

    Bug Net

    What's included Bug net Included: 1 x Top Line + Stuff BagWeight: 410g Length: 3.2m X 1.45m

  • Recycled Hammock, Straps, Tarp & Bug Net Combo - Nakie
    Recycled Hammock, Straps, Tarp & Bug Net Combo - Nakie

    Recycled Hammock, Straps, Tarp & Bug Net Combo

     What's included Double HammockDimensions: 3m x 1.8mWeight rating: 225kgWeight: 600g 2 x Hammock StrapsLength: 2.3m per strapWeight rating:...

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Rain Tarp & Bug Net

Why Buy a Bug Net and Tarp

Here at Nakie we are passionate about the environment and have created an eco friendly outdoor brand. Our Hammock, bug net and tarp combos have been designed for ultimate comfort. The bug net and tarp cocoon the hammock and provide protection from the weather and any bugs or insects allowing for an restful night sleep.

When we created the Nakie bug net and tarp combos we focussed on producing an ultra light bug net and tarp to be used with a Nakie hammock for hiking, camping, or any adventure. We wanted a hammock set up that was extremely portable and easy use. Each bugnet and tarp combo weighs just 1.5kg and is nice and compact, easily fitting in your backpack. If used with a Nakie hammock set up is quick and easy in fact it can take less than 10 minutes to set up and be relaxing in a Nakie hammock, bugnet and tarp combo. 

Our hammocks have carefully been designed from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each Nakie hammock is crafted from 37 post consumer plastic bottles pulled from landfll. The hammock has an impressive weight rating of 225kg or 500LBLs making it perfect for two people. Crafted with triple stitching & uniquely designed polyester end straps for increased strength and durability a Nakie hammock is built to last lifetime. 

Our Nakie Bug nets are crafted from an extremely fine noseeum micro-mesh providing protection from all insects whilst still remaining cool and breathable. 

Finally our tarps are designed to provide protection from any sun, rain and other weather events. Our tarps have been carefuly designed with multiple anchor points providing more flexibilty and options on how they are set up to suit any enviroment. 

Each Nakie hammock, bug net and tarp is made from the absolute best quality money can buy and comes with a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our bug nets are designed using a noseeum micro-mesh that keeps even the tiniest insects out.

Yes! Our rain tarp is constructed of 3000mm PU coated waterproof ripstop polyester with non-toxic dual silicone, and heat taped seams ensuring it is 100% waterproof. You can sleep easy knowing you will stay dry even if the weather changes.

Our bug net and tarps combos will work with most other portable hammocks that tie to trees. However they have been designed to work specifically with a Nakie hammock.

Yes you can! however you will not be protected from and insects. They can still fly up underneath the tarp. So for ultimate comfort we recommend using the bug net and tarp together.